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Admission. Registration and Enrolment

All international students who want to have a university academic exchange at the University of Almeria must follow these steps:


First of all, your University has to send us an e-mail with your Nomination and the necessary information about you, together with your e-mail address, as it is going to be the way we will contact you. If you don’t receive any information from us, please contact your university to check whether they have sent us your nomination or not.
Because of the importance of the nomination process, make sure that your University sent it properly. If you find any problems during the process, your home University must inform us about this immediately.
After your nomination by your home university, we will contact you by e-mail and we will provide you with the link of the online Application Form, the name of your host university coordinator and some other relevant information. Please, don’t hesitate to ask your host academic coordinator for help.
Meanwhile, find full detailed information about Almeria and our University on our Web site and read the Guide for International Students. You can check our academic calendar by clicking on this link and find information about accommodation here.


Secondly, if you have already received our welcome email and read the Guide for International Students, you have to register using the link to the registration form that you can find in that e-mail within the following deadlines:

- 1º Semester and full year: till 30th June
- 2º Semester: till 30th November

You have to use your e-mail address in order to access the registration form. After that, you will receive a new e-mail with an username and password that you have to use to finish your registration as exchange student coming to the University of Almeria. Please, pay attention to the instructions that you will receive by e-mail. Next steps will take place by using the option Mobility in Campus Virtual. Once your registration is finished we will inform you when your Letter of Acceptance is available. You will find the Letter of Acceptance in Campus Virtual - Mobility - Documents.

Please, take care that you fill in your registration form with the right data, specially password or ID number, because you will be identified by this number from now on.

Learning agreement

Third, Learning Agreement. Please, you don't have to send your Learning Agreement by e-mail to the International Office. You have to follow next steps:

You have to access Campus Virtual - Mobility - Learning Agreement, you can check here the list of available courses for your exchange period at the University of Almeria, maximum number of credits for one semester is 30 and for full academic year 60. You will have to agree the selected courses with your home academic coordinator, it is necessary that you click on the courses that you will take and save it. Your academic coordinator will receive your courses proposed, you will receive a message in case that your academic coordinator in UAL suggests you any change in the selected courses.

You have to prepare your Learning Agreement with the courses selected as described before. You can use whether your home university Learning Agreement form or the draft that you can find below. Once your Learning Agreement is signed by you and your home coordinator, you will have to upload it in UMove tool (Campus Virtual - Mobility - Documents). You will be informed when the document is signed by your UAL coordinator.

Deadline to select courses in the UMove tool is until 30th June. This the deadline is for the final selection of the courses, included changes proposed by UAL coordinator.

Instructions for preparing the Learning Agreement

- Learning agreement models to download -

Depending of your Mobility Programme you have to choose the correct Learning Agreement to download and fill it. You can check your Mobility programme name in your  acceptance letter.

- Erasmus+ Programme

For Erasmus+, CEIA3KA103 y KA107 Programmes:

Learning Agreement Erasmus+

- PIMA Programme

For PIMA Programme:

Ficha del estudiante PIMA

- ANUIES Programme (México)

For AUNIES/CRUE Programme:

Contrato de estudios programa ANUIES

- UALMUNDO Programme

For UALMundo Programme:

Contrato de estudios programa UALMundo

- ISEP Programme

For ISEP Programme:

Contrato de estudios programa ISEP

- CONAHEC Programme

For CONAHEC Programme:

Contrato de estudios programa CONAHEC 

- SICUE Programme

For SICUE students:

Contrato de estudios prorgrama SICUE

Self Enrolment

Finally, in the middle of July you will be informed about on-line courses enrolment in UAL.

Only the courses selected in UMove tool in the previous step will be available for enrolment.

Once the course starts there will be a new period for changes in your Learning Agreement and your enrolment. You will be informed about new deadlines in advance.


Contact the International Office


Guide for International Student


Updated by: Internationalization Vicerectorate

Date: 10 May 2021

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