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Education and Studies

Official Studies

University studies in Spain are divided into three cycles called:

Grades, 1st and 2nd Cycle

Grade Degrees will qualify you for a profession.

Start at the University of Almería with Grade studies with which you obtain 240 ECTS credits during four years, specializing in one of the following branches: Health Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences, Technical Studies, Humanities.

Apart from these Grade studies, the University also offers 1st and 2nd Cycle degrees, until the full availability of the new studies.

Official Masters

Masters are more specific studies, leading to a higher intellectual specialization, oriented to research or advanced vocational training.

When you obtain a Grade degree, you can specialize in one of the official masters offered by the UAL with a load of 60 and 120 ECTS (during one or two academic years).


The highest academic level is the degree of Doctor, focussed on research, obtained after a Doctoral Dissertation (Thesis).

The University of Almeria offers a wide variety of doctorate programs, many of which with mention of quality.

Ongoing Training Courses

You can complete your official studies with ongoing training. The University of Almeria has a varied program of

Language Courses

The University of Almeria offers language improvement courses for students from abroad during July.

With these courses, students can learn more about Spanish literature, art and history during the 60-hour course and during the sports and excursions which are organised. A first contact with the Spanish reality and its language to ensure success during the coming academic year in Almeria.

Summer Courses

In July you can participate in speeches, round tables and debates about social, sports, political, educational and legal aspects (among others), mainly focussed on the social and economic environment of the province of Almeria. This will enable you to enter in contact with several villages and towns in the province: Roquetas de Mar, Purchena, Vélez Blanco, Tabernas, Vera…

Autumn Courses

In autumn, around November, you have a variety of courses available with which you can start your academic year with a good cultural taste.

European Higher Education Area

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