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Food and drinks

Image of food and drink The Mediterranean diet is the power that for centuries, kept the peoples of the Mediterranean seashore.

The countries that benefit from it are not only European countries like Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, former Yugoslavia, Albania, San Marino or Monaco, but also Morocco, Tunisia, Malta, Libya, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Syria. Although Portugal is not a Mediterranean country also benefits from the advantages of the Mediterranean diet through the influence of the rest of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Mediterranean diet has been developed over time and is the result of the influence they have left us all peoples who have passed through these countries: Iberians, Celts, Greeks, Romans, Barbarians and Arabs. Greeks and Romans laid the foundations of what we now know as the Mediterranean diet with the "Mediterranean triad" bread, oil and wine, always present in our culture.

In college facilities which provide food and drink is trying to fulfill as much as possible with the diet.

The facilities available to the University of Almeria are:

  • CAE Cafeteria
  • Central Building Cafeteria
  • Humanities Cafeteria
  • Dining
  • Kiosk at Departmental Building Economics

You can find information on the rates of the cafes and the room rates.

We hope you enjoy the food and drink that is served here. Bon appetit!

CAE Cafeteria

The CAE cafeteria offers a variety of breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.

Central Building Cafeteria

The cafeteria of the Central Building as well as offering breakfast dishes available for lunch and snacks.

Humanities Cafeteria

Image of the Humanities Building cafeteriaBesides offering breakfast, offers a menu with all dishes that vary daily for a small fee.


 Image outside the university canteenThe university cafeteria offers daily menu following the Mediterranean diet that includes salad, appetizer, main dish, dessert, bread and drinks.

The menu changes constantly being posted on the entrances to it and on Twitter (twitter.com/comedor_ual).

Kiosk at Departmental Building Economics

Building Image Kiosk CC. EconomicsIf we want is a temtempié at midmorning, some newspapers or candy to give us a treat no doubt this is the place.

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Date: 12 September 2012

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