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Mathematics has been a part of human knowledge since its beginnings, and its first rudiments are earlier than writing. Its development is closely linked to human development and progress.

On one hand, Mathematics is a basic and fundamental science required by bost other science and engineering studies which need it for their full development. Any technological advance is based on an adequate use of Mathematics. There has been an exponential increase of interconnections with Economy, Biology, Medicine, Geology, Optics, etc., in which efficient mathematical modelling and algorythm computing are leading to important scientific, technical and social advances. From an applied view, throughout history Mathematics has been analyzing and offering responses to concerns and problems arising from daily real life.

On the other hand, it is a pure science enabling the creation of knowledge from axioms. This knowledge can create structures and theories which add value to knowledge, and on many occasions are applied to fields which are quite distant from their origin in theory.

The efficiency of the Grade in mathematics is based on the harmonious combination of its pure and applied dimensions.

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    • Faculty of Experimental Sciences

Professional and Academic opportunities

After completing these studies, the graduates will have the following academic and professional opportunities:

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Students who complete 60 credits of the "Basic Training" in the Grade in Mathematics may have these credits recognized (convalidated) for any other degree in Science.

Graduates can directly enter master studies.

Professional opportunities

The rapid labor market insertion of the graduates in Mathematics has been identified in different studies including the professions related to the degree. The University of Almeria has established the following professional profiles for the Grade in Mathematics:

  • Applied profile oriente to:
    • Banking companies.
    • Computer and telecommunications companies
    • Consulting companies.
    • Market research and risk analysis.
    • Industry, project management and technical work.
    • Public Administration
  • Academic profile oriented to:
    • University Teaching and Research.
    • Research in R+D+i.

With respect to the teaching profile oriented to non-university teaching, the graduate in Mathematics by the Universidad de Almería is fully prepared to undertake the "Master in Teachers of Compulsory Secondary Education and Bachiller, Vocational Training and Language Teaching" required for the teaching profession in these education levels.

Professional qualification

At present there are no professions legally regulated for the Grade degree in Mathematics.


Courses offered

1º, 2º, 3º and 4º

General data

  • Branch of knowledge: Science
  • Duration of the program:
    240 credits / 4 years
  • Type of education: Face to face
  • Language(s) used:
    • Spanish

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Date: 17 September 2019

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