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The Grade in Agricultural Engineering offers graduates the adequate training to respond to agricultural problems from different spheres of knowledge. These professionals must have knowledge about technical and practical aspects of Agricultural Engineering, to apply them to designing, planning and managing fruit and vegetable exploitations, agricultural production, engineering applied to rural areas, agri-fishing activities, as well as food analysis, designing food elaboration and preservation plants.

  • Run by
    • Higher School of Engineering
  • Mentions
    • Horticulture and Gardening
    • Agricultural and Fishing Exploitations
    • Agricultural and Food Industries
    • Mechanization and Rural Constructions
    • Horticulture and Gardening / Agricultural and Fishing Exploitations
    • Horticulture and Gardening / Agricultural and Food Industries
    • Horticulture and Gardening / Agricultural Constructions and Mechanization
    • Agricultural and Fishing Exploitations; /Agricultural and Food Industries
    • Agricultural and Fishing Exploitations; / Mechanization and Rural Constructions
    • Agricultural and Food Industries; / Mechanization and Rural Constructions

Professional and Academic opportunities

After completing these studies, the graduates will have the following academic and professional opportunities:

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Graduates in Agricultural Engineering may complete their training in the official masters of the University of Almeria, as well as in the official Master in Agricultural Engineering.

Professional opportunities

  • State Administration (Direction and Management of Actions in Rural Environment Sphere).
  • Private Companies. (Exploitations, Agricultural Building, and Distribution of Products).
  • Freelance. (Projects, Reports, Assessments, etc.).

Professional qualification

Agricultural Technical Engineer, with the following specialities:
Horticulture and Gardening; Agricultural and Fishing Exploitations; Agricultural and Food Industries; Mechanization and Rural Constructions.


  • Publication: BOE of 1-Nov-2011
  • Deployment: 2010-11
  • Starting date of extinction: 2015-16
  • End extinction: 2015-16

General data

  • Branch of knowledge: Engineering and Architecture
  • Duration of the program:
    228 credits / 4 years
  • Type of education: Face to face
  • Language(s) used:
    • Spanish

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Date: 28 January 2020

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