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Postgraduate degree that offers pedagogic and didactic training required for the professions of Teaching in Obligatory Secondary Education and Bachillerato, Vocational Training and Language Teaching. It is a compulsory requirement for entering the Teaching Forces.

  • Run by
    • Center for Posgraduate Studies and Continuing Education
  • Specialities /Itineraries
    • Speciality in Biology and Geology
    • Especialidad en Física y Química
    • Speciality in Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Speciality in Industrial Processes and Technology
    • Speciality - Foreign Language
    • Speciality in Language and Literature. Latin and Greek
    • Speciality in Social Science: Geography and History
    • Speciality - Education guidance
    • Especialidad Formación y Orientación Laboral
    • Speciality in Economy, Business and Commerce
    • Especialidad en Hostelería y Turismo
    • Speciality - Health processes
    • Speciality in Drawing, Image and Plastic Arts
    • Physical Education Speciality
    • Speciality - Music
    • Computer Science Speciality

Professional and Academic opportunities

After completing these studies, the graduates will have the following academic and professional opportunities:

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Entry to official Master studies requires a Spanish official university degree or one issued by a higher education institution in the European Higher Education Area that enables access to Master studies in the country of issue of the degree.

Degree holders from non-EHEA education systems may also enter these Master studies without recognition of their degrees, once the University has verified that thay accredit a level of training equivalent to the corresponding Spanish official degrees and that their incoming degrees are sufficient for access to postgraduate studies in the country of issue of said degrees.

The university degrees of access correspond to the chosen speciality. If the incoming degree does not correspond to the chosen speciality, students must pass an access test accrediting the competences related to the chosen speciality.

Profficiency in a foreign language, equivalent to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, must be accredited during the preinscription period (DUA).


Professional opportunities

This Master is required for teaching in Secondary Education at the education centres of all the autonomous regions in Spain. It enables access to doctorate studies approved and offered within education.

It allows for teaching in the different fields of knowledge.


Professional qualification

This degree qualifies the holder for teaching, in the entire country, the different specialities which are offered.


Courses offered

General data

  • Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Science
  • Duration of the program:
    60 credits / 1 year
  • Type of education: Face to face
  • Language(s) used:
    • Spanish

Updated by: Training, Syllabi and Teaching Organization Service

Date: 28 January 2020

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