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Study Plan

El presente plan de estudios está en proceso de extinción a partir del curso académico 2015-16. Recuerde que, con carácter general, la matrícula para realizar exámenes se efectuará de las asignaturas en las que se hubiera estado matriculado en años anteriores. No obstante, el Rector o la Rectora podrá, mediante resolución, conceder el derecho a matricularse para examen en asignaturas no matriculadas con anterioridad. El Servicio de Gestión Académica de Alumnos, la emitirá por delegación.

Distribution of the syllabus in ECTS credits by type of subject matters

Plan Distribution
Course Basic Compulsory Optional External Internships End of Studies Dissertation Total
1 42 12 - 6 - 60
2 18 30 6 6 - 60
3 - 34 12 14 - 60
4 - 24 12 18 6 60
Total 60 100 30 44 6 240

Structure of the Degree

Primary Education chart

Structure of the Teacher Training in Primary Education (2010 Syllabus)

Enlarge graphic

The contents of the Grade are structured into basic training modules, disciplinary training modules, Compulsory modules, Optional modules organized by Mentions and a module for School internship and End of Grade Dissertation.

Degree Calendar

The Syllabus contains:

  • Three Modules of Basic training with 60 Credits, six Subject - matters distributed over both terms of the first and second year.
  • Six compulsory modules of disciplinary training with 100 Credits, with eleven Subject - matters over the two four-month periods of the second, third and fourth year.
  • 30 optional Credits in the following Mentions:
    1. Physical Education.
    2. Foreign languages.
    3. ICT and Classroom Communication.
  • Module of school internship with 44 Credits.
  • End of Grade Dissertation - 6 Credits.


The degrees have been configured so, once completed, students may obtain a specialization. These specializations can be called by different names, although the most common ones are "Speciality", "Curricular Itinerary" or "Mention.

This section includes information about specializations that may exist in the degree and their requirements.

  • Mention in Physical Education
  • Mention in Foreign Languages
  • Mention in ICTs and Communication in the Classroom
  • Mention in Musical Education
  • Mention in Special Education
  • Mention in Educ.,Citiz.,Child educ.
  • Mención en Lenguas Extranjeras (Francés)


Prerequisites and Corequisites

The Syllabus may include special conditions required for registration or for studying one or more of its subjects. These conditions are the PREREQUISITES: Subject or group of subjects, called "key" which must have been studied or passed before.

The "Grade in Teacher Training in Primary Education" degree, has no established prerequisite.


This link shows the equivalencies between subjects of former syllabi in order to facilitate adaptation of students to the new grade. Application for adaptation of students from the degree mentioned will lead to automatic recognition of all the credits contained in this chart.

Adaptation Procedure

Students from the current degree in Teacher Training in Primary Education may choose among the following options:

1.) Finish the degree in Teacher Training in Primary Education, which will progressively disappear, following the calendar in the degree report and the regulation established by the University of Almeria.

2.) Adapt to the new official degree called Grade in Teacher Training in Primary Education. In this case the adaptation chart on this page will apply.

3.) The calendar for termination of the above studies will be implemented gradually. Once each year is terminated, there will be four exam sittings in the following two academic years.

Calendar of extinction

The Grade in Teacher Training in Primary Education degree will substitute the current Degree in Teacher Training in Primary Education, thus terminating the degrees of Teacher Training - Speciality in Physical Education, Musical Education and Foreign Language, and their implantation will be progressive, with the following period of deployment. 

Calendar of extinction of Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education
Academic Year Academic year of extinction
1st Course - year 2015-16
2nd Course - year 2016-17
3nd Course - year 2017-18
4nd Course - year 2018-19

Updated by: Training, Syllabi and Teaching Organization Service

Date: 12 January 2012

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