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Study Plan

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Distribution of the syllabus in ECTS credits by type of subject matters

Structure of the Degree

Social Education chart

Structure of the Grado in Educazione Sociale (Piano di Studi 2011)

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Grade in Education of the University of Almeria is organized in four years, eight terms, each one of them with 30 ECTS. Students must complete 240 ECTS, with the following distribution:


The Syllabus contains one Basic training module, three subject matters, offered throughout the two terms of the first academic year.

  • Module 1: Conceptual and contextual bases of Social Education.

Compulsory training (138 ECTS):

The Syllabus contains five modules of the Compulsory Training, with twenty-two subject - matters, offered throughout the two terms of the second, third and fourth academic years.

  • Module 2: Configuration of Social Education as a Profession Spheres action/work.
  • Module 3: Analysis, Evaluation and Research of Social-educational reality.
  • Module 4: Design, Development and Innovation of Social-Educational Plans, Programs and Projects.
  • Module 5: Direction, Management, and Coordination of Social-Educational Organizations.
  • Module 6: Module of Social-educational Action.

Practical Training (20 ECTS) and End of Grade dissertation (6 ECTS):

The Syllabus contains one module of Introduction to Professional Activity with two subject-matters, the Practicum (External Internship) and End of Grade Dissertation distributed throughout the second and fourth academic years.

  • Module 7 of Introduction to Professional Activity and End of Grade Dissertation.

Optional Training (6 ECTS):

Within the Syllabus students must complete the optional content to be chosen from the subject matters of this category offered in the fourth year of the Grade.

  • Module 8: Optionality: Multiculturality and Social Integration from a Critical Perspective.

Also, in order to complete the Optionality content of the Grade, students may select some of the subject - matters from the General Optionality Catalogue or apply for recognition after having participated in cultural, sports, student representation, solidarity or cooperation activities referred to in article 12.8 of Royal Decree 1393/2007.


The "Grade in Social Education" degree has no type of Speciality, Itinerary or Mention already established.


Prerequisites and Corequisites

The Syllabus may include special conditions required for registration or for studying one or more of its subjects. These conditions are the PREREQUISITES: Subject or group of subjects, called "key" subjects, which must have been studied or passed before.

The "Grade in Education" degree, has no prerequisite established.


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Date: 12 June 2015

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