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Temas de Trabajo Fin de Grado en el curso 2019-20

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TutorTemaModalidad grupalObservaciones
Amate Fortes, IgnacioEconomic, social and institutional analysis of a country or a group of countriesNo
Amate Fortes, IgnacioThe role of integration processes in the global marketNo
Antolín López, RaquelBusiness & SustainabilityNo
Antolín López, RaquelEntrepreneurshipNo
Cantón Rodríguez, María LoretoLa marque Espagne dans des pays francophonesNo
Cantón Rodríguez, María LoretoL’entreprise et la formation en langues étrangèresNo
Cantón Rodríguez, María LoretoL’implantation des entreprises étrangères en Espagne ou espagnoles dans d’autres pays francophonesNo
Cantón Rodríguez, María LoretoLa vision des différents secteurs de l’économie espagnole dans les mass-­‐média francophones. Études lexicales et culturellesNo
Estrella Ramón, Antonia MaríaMarketing plan in an international contextNo
Estrella Ramón, Antonia MaríaDigital communication tools (web/social networks) in an international contextNo
Fernández Martínez, AntonioThe Importance of IT in a Process of Merger and Acquisition of CompaniesNo
Fernández-Revuelta Pérez, Luis FranciscoManagement Control in OrganizationsNo
García de Frutos, Nieves Country effectsNo
García de Frutos, NievesConsumer behavior in online environmentsNo
Giagnocavo , Cynthia LynnInnovative Finance for the Data Economy: new business and finance models for agribusinessNo
Gil Serra, Ana FeComparison between German and Spanish companiesNo
Gil Serra, Ana FePosition analysis of German products in an international contextNo
Jerez Gómez, María PilarThe internationalization process of a local industry/sectorNo
Jerez Gómez, María PilarDesign of a HR planNo
Jiménez Castillo, DavidDeveloping brand identity and positioning abroadNo
Jiménez Castillo, DavidCorporate CommunicationNo
Lorenzana de la Varga, Tomás International Financial StructureNo
Lorenzana de la Varga, Tomás International Capital BudgetingNo
Martínez del Río, JavierFrom an idea to an international venture: Business plan of a student's business ideaNo
Martínez del Río, JavierInternationalization at home: HRM, organizational culture and the companies’ ability to exportNo
Muñoz Torrecillas, María JoséA comparative study of the funding sources used by European companiesNo
Muñoz Torrecillas, María JoséEuropean projects appraisalNo
Nicolás Román, SusanaEnglish business in Almeria: case studiesNo
Nicolás Román, SusanaTowards Internationalization: design of material in English for companies in AlmeriaNo
Nicolás Román, SusanaOral effective presentations: how communication leads to success in businessNo
Ortega Egea, José ManuelResearch and/or segmentation of b2c or b2b international marketsNo
Pérez Valls, MiguelInternational cooperation for development projectsNo
Pérez Valls, MiguelStrategies of internationalizationNo
Pérez Valls, MiguelInternational business planNo
Redondo Olmedilla, José CarlosCulture and Society and Business : a study of influences and interrelations in the globalized society. The Case of AustraliaNo
Redondo Olmedilla, José CarlosCulture and Society and Business : a study of influences and interrelations in the globalized society. The Case of CanadaNo
Ruiz Real, José LuisInternationalization of a company: selecting markets and modes of entryNo
Ruiz Real, José LuisDeveloping an international place brandingNo
Ruiz Real, José LuisAnalysis of the international strategy about brands and assortments of a retailerNo

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Date: 6 May 2020

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