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Master in Gender Studies: Women, Culture and Society is the basis of specialized training in gender studies for women and men from different areas of knowledge and professional backgrounds so they can contribute to the equality of sexes and thus to a more egalitarian and fair society. These are some of the most fundamental objectives of the degree:

  1. To know and reflect upon the theoretical foundations underlying Gender Studies from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  2. To offer conceptual, methodological and technical instruments that may allow to establish formulae to reach a more egalitarian and fair society.
  3. To qualify and train professionally in the spheres related to gender matters.
  4. To report about women's contributions to society, culture, literature and art thoughout the history of humanity.
  5. To train teachers so they can transmit knowledge from non-androcentric positions.
  6. To train for prevention and detection of gender violence.
  • Run by
    • Faculty of Humanities
  • Specialities /Itineraries
    • Itinerary 1: Women, Literature and Art
    • Itinerary 2: Gender and Egalitarian Education

Professional and Academic opportunities

After completing these studies, the graduates will have the following academic and professional opportunities:

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

The Master in Gender Studies, offered by PhD teachers with extensive research in gender studies, allows to inform about appropriate sources and methods of analysis to undertake gender and/or women's studies that can be accepted as scientific, due to their academic rigour. For this reason it is an access to doctorate.

Professional opportunities

The Master in Gender Studies allows to train not only teachers from child, primary, secondary and university education in matters of education for equality, but also to other professionals in furmulae to erradicate sexist practices from their labour, social and cultural environment.


  • Publication: BOE of 29-Dec-2010
  • Deployment: 2009-10
  • Starting date of extinction: 2013-14
  • End extinction: 2016-17

General data

  • Branch of knowledge: Arts and Humanities
  • Duration of the program:
    60 credits / 1 year
  • Type of education: Face to face
  • Language(s) used:
    • Spanish
    • English

Updated by: Training, Syllabi and Teaching Organization Service

Date: 28 January 2020

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