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MA.'s Degree in Sustainable Use of Natural Rosources and Ecosystem Services >>

Subjects ordered by years

The following tables show the Syllabus organized by years. You can see it ordered by modules or by type following the links on the right.

This degree has established corequisites. More information about corequisites

Subjects offered Academic Year 2020-21

The following tables only show the subjects offered in the Academic Year 2020-21. See all subjects comprising the Syllabus, follow this link:

Academic Year 1. 1st Term

Academic Year 1. 1st Term
Code Subject matter ECTS Character
71052207 Adaptation to Changes in Physical Environment 6 optativa
71052201 Climate Change 3 optativa
71052205 Coastal Ecosystems 3 optativa
71052202 Corporate Social Responsability 6 optativa
71052203 Economic and Social Implications of Global Change 6 optativa
71051101 Ecosystem Services and Sustainability 4.5 obligatoria
71051102 Global Change 4.5 obligatoria
71052206 Impact Mitigation and Adaptive Management of Biodiversity 6 optativa
71051104 Methodologies and Tools for Studying Biodiversity Change 4.5 obligatoria
71051103 Methodologies and Tools for Stuying Physical Environment Change 4.5 obligatoria
71052204 Sustainable Use of Water Resources 3 optativa

Academic Year 1. 2nd Term

Academic Year 1. 2nd Term
Code Subject matter ECTS Character
71052210 Applied Environmental Policy and Law 3 optativa
71053215 Applied Practicum in Companies 6 optativa
71052213 Assessment of Geodiversity 3 optativa
71052208 Effects of Global Change on Food Production 3 optativa
71052214 Hydrological Management and Restoration Actions 3 optativa
71054401 Master's Thesis 12 trabajo fin de máster
71053216 Research Practicum 6 optativa
71052211 Soil and Climate Change 3 optativa
71052209 Sustainable Management of the Territory 3 optativa
71052212 Sustainable Use of Biodiversity 3 optativa

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Date: 18 September 2020

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