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Subjects ordered by years

The following tables show the Syllabus organized by years. You can see it ordered by modules or by type following the links on the right.

Subjects offered Academic Year 2020-21

The following tables only show the subjects offered in the Academic Year 2020-21. See all subjects comprising the Syllabus, follow this link:

Academic Year 1. 1st Term

Academic Year 1. 1st Term
Code Subject matter ECTS Character
71061102 High Concentration Solar Energy 6 obligatoria
71061101 Medium Concentration Solar Energy 4.5 obligatoria
71062111 Photoreactors and Photobioreactors 4.5 obligatoria
71063112 Photovoltaics Solar Systems 6 obligatoria
71062107 Solar Energy and Desalination 3 obligatoria
71062105 Solar Energy at Low Temperature 3 obligatoria
71064108 Solar Resource 3 obligatoria

Academic Year 1. 2nd Term

Academic Year 1. 2nd Term
Code Subject matter ECTS Character
71065110 Case studies and economic analysis of projects 3 obligatoria
71065109 Field training at PSA facilities 3 obligatoria
71066401 Master's Final Project 6 trabajo fin de máster
71064113 Modeling, control and energy management in solar energy systems 4.5 obligatoria
71064114 R&D&i in Solar Energy 3 obligatoria
71062106 Solar Energy and Agriculture 3 obligatoria
71062104 Solar Energy and Buildings 3 obligatoria
71061103 Thermal Storage and other concentrating solar energy applications 4.5 obligatoria

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Date: 16 January 2021

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