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The College is in charge of the organization of studies and academic, administrative and management processes leading to official degrees valid in the entire country, as well as those other functions established by the Statutes.

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Short History

The Economics and Business Studies College of the University of Almeria is deeply rooted in the society of Almeria. Its origin can be traced back to the Professional School of Commerce, which trained Business Experts and Teachers nearly 70 years ago. In 1972, it became the University School of Business Studies, depending from the University of Granada, and began offering a Business Science 3-Year Diploma, a long-standing largely recognised degree in all our province.

With the incorporation, in 1991, of the 5 Year Degree in Business Studies, it turned into a College, first called Social and Legal Studies, and later, with the creation of the University of Almeria, and after its subsequent separation from the College of Law, it became the Economics and Business Studies College.

This College offers a 3-Year Degree in Busines Science (since 1972), a 5-Year Degree in Administration and Business Management (since 1995), a 3-Year Degree in Tourism (since 1997), a 4th and 5th-Year Degree in Work Science (since 2002), and a 5-Year Degree in Market Research and Techniques since 2006-07 as a pilot experience for the implantation of the European credit.

There is no doubt that the professionals who have been trained at this College and at its former establishments have played an important role in the economic development of the latter 25 years of the 20th Century, and many of them currently hold posts of responsibility in most of the companies in our province. But it is also evident that the consolidation and maturing of the economy of the province of Almeria, in the uncertain and globalized frame of the current century, requires this College to continue advancing in its vital role of creating human resources, offering our students high standard financial and business training.


Jerónimo de Burgos Jiménez

Contact details

Building: Economics and Business Studies - Department Building B
Floor: ground, Office: 0.001
Ctra. Sacramento s/n
La Cañada de San Urbano 04120 Almería
Telephone: +34 950 015690
e-mail: decaccee@ ual.es


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