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Short History

In 1846, Almeria made an attempt to create a Teacher Training School which only lasted two years. But the seed had been planted. The 1857 Education Bases Law enabled the establishment of Teacher Training studies in 1860 which, in due time, have finally integrated into the University and the College which they contribute their contents and name. In this way, we can say that teacher training (male and female were separate for some time) is the earliest manifestation of university studies in our province: We should remember that the School of Commerce was established in 1930.

In 1972, the new University College contributed to establish a new range of studies in Almeria. The Teacher Training studies were gradually joined by the lower studies in Philology, Geography and History, and Psychology, and together they were the axis of the institution that became a University Campus and later, in 1993, the University which we have today.

Since then, many things have changed: The former Teacher Training studies subdivided into five speciality branches of lower studies, and a higher studies degree was established (Psychopedagogy); the lower studies in Philology became higher studies in Hispanic Philology and English Philology; Psychology remained, although with important internal changes... as for Geography and History, these studies disappeared as they became part of the higher studies degree in Humanities.

Structures change, people change, but there is something alive which the College of Humanities and Education Science perfectly represents: the desire to contribute to the development and expansion of our studies.

Text by Dr. Luis Carlos Navarro


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Francisco Javier García González

Contact details

Building: Humanities and Education Science Department Building No. 2 (Building C)
Floor: ground, Office: 0.222
Ctra. Sacramento s/n
La Cañada de San Urbano 04120 Almería
Telephone: +34 950 015560
e-mail: decahuma@ ual.es


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Horario de invierno

De lunes a viernes: De 8:00 a 15:00

Horario de verano( Del 15 de junio al 15 de Septiembre)

De 9:00 a 14:00 horas

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Date: 17 September 2009

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