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The Vicerectorate for Students and Employment, by delegation of the Rector, has the following competences which are explicitly mentioned in the Regional Government Gazette, and also all those which are related to students during the time they are at our university for their academic training. Among them we quote the following:

  • University Enrolment
  • Grants and other aids for students
  • Employment and labour market insertion
  • University Information
  • Supplementary Services(transport, canteen/refectory, alternative lodging)

Education and Vocational Guidance

Helping students before their enter the university of Almeria, during their time at the University and at the end of their training process, helping students to adopt the best possible decision with respect to their access to the university. During their career, the goals are focussed on helping to guide students in academica nd personal issues, as well as at the end of their training, so students transfer efficiently to active live. The following actions follow this purpose:

  • Psychological guidance

    Personal balance, understood as compensated stability of the variety of factors and dimensions related to one's personality, is basic for students' development and future perspectives.

  • Psychopedagogical Guidance

    Psychopedagogical guidance is intended to offer comprehensive help to students in matters related to academic fields, focussing on basic guidance for particular problems.

  • Vocational Guidance

    We understand vocational guidance as promoting and participating in the organization, planning, development and evaluation of guidance processes and professional and vocational guidance.

  • Academic and professional information

    Students requiring academic and professional information, in matters related to the Departments of the University of Almeria or the variety of services for students like all those activities from which they can benefit, may be requested by students.

  • Health Orientation

    "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (Definition of Health by the W.H.O.)..

Social Matters

One of the goals is to contribute to the education and social integration of people with special education needs related to a disability, who are studying or teaching at the university campus, as well as promoting education in values through volunteering and fostering an atmosphere of association and participation. The following are the fields of action:

  • Support to Students with Disabilities

    A variety of social and education policies in force during recent times aim for equality of oportunities in access to education for students with disabilities.

  • Support to Associations and Participation

    The University of Almeria promotes students associations, participation and citizen solidarity as expressions of their comprehensive training and of the contribution of university members to generating free, informed and democratic citizenship.

  • Support to Volunteering and Solidarity

    We understand volunteering as the actions performed by individuals who, working in coordination and supported by an organization, freely and generously cooperate in social activities with disfavoured sectors of society, in social denunciation, or in any other activity in benefit of a community and/or the environment or the members of a group.


Updated by: Students and Employment Vicerectorate

Date: 10 September 2009

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