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Group work Rooms

We offer 9 Group Work Rooms (for 33 groups) for collective study or research activities.



Group Working Room 1 left 2nd
Group Working Room 2 right 2nd
Group Working Room 3 right 2nd
Group Working Room 4 right 2nd
Group Working Room 5 right Ground
Group Working Room 6 right Ground
Group Working Room 7 right Ground
Group Working Room 8 right 1st
Group Working Room 9 right 1st

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, from 08:30 to 21:00 hours.


The members of the university community can make use of this service, booking in advance through virtual campus.

Terms of use

1. Bookings

  • Users must book the room in advance; you can not occupy a work room that has not been previously booked.
  • One person will make the booking on behalf of the group.
  • The booking is for up to 2 hours.
  • Reservations can be made through virtual campus (from any computer with Internet access ). Follow the path: Virtual Campus > General > Bookings (Mis reservas) > Bookings for Group Working Rooms (Salas de trabajo en grupo).
  • A list of people with bookings will be available on the noticeboard.
  • If the room is not occupied within 15 minutes of the start of a booking it may be rebooked to another group; please go to the Concierge's counter to do this.

2. Please contact the Concierge inmediately if you find any damages in the room

3. The rooms are subject to regular checks by security staff and surveillance cameras.

4. To create an appropriate working atmosphere please follow these basic standards:

  • It is not allowed to eat, drink or smoke.
  • Mobile phones must remain switched off.
  • Keep a moderate level of noise to facilitate work.

5. Misuse of this service will involve the suspension thereof, and disciplinary and legal measures will be taken according to the nature of the damage incurred and to recidivism.

6. The Library is not responsible for the loss of personal items inside the rooms.

7. Users are asked to leave books on carts in the room where they were previously taken.

8. Please be respectful with the facilities for the benefit of all users.