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Special Schedule Room

It is equipped with WIFI network and more than 300 study places and it offers extended opening hours throughout the year.

What is the Special Schedule Room

It is a space for study, with a wider opening hours than the Library, Monday through Friday. It is also open on weekends and holidays.
It is open 24/7 during exam periods.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 

From 08:30 to 23:59 hours

Weekends and holidays   

From 08:30 to 23:59 hours




Terms of use

  • Users should adhere to the following basic rules to create an adequate working and  study environment:
    • Maintain a moderate level of noise to facilitate the study.
    • It is not allowed to eat or drink in this room
    • Mobile phones must remain silent or off.
    • It is not allowed to leave your reading seat for more than 15 minutes.
    • Seats can not be held with personal items;the library is not responsible for their loss or damage.
  • The room is under camera and security staff surveillance.
  • Misuse of this service will involve the use of disciplinary and legal measures.
  • Please be respectful with the facilities for the benefit of all users.