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Organisation des Études

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Distribution du programme d'études en crédits ECTS selon la typologie d'enseignement

Architecture de la formation

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Structure Grade in Nursing Science (2009 Syllabus)

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  • Module 1: Basic Sciences (60 Credits)
  • Module 2: Nursing Science (60 Credits)
  • Module 3: Internal Training of the University (24 Credits)
  • Module 4: Optionality (6 Credits)
  • Module 5: Tutored External Internship and End of Grade Dissertation (90 Credits)

Calendar for the Modules:

  • Module 1, Subjects are offered in the first and second year.
  • Module 2, Subjects are offered in the first, second and third year.
  • Module 3, Subjects are offered in the third and fourth year.
  • Module 4, Subjects are offered in the third year.
  • Module 5, Subjects are offered in the second, third and fourth year.


The Grade degree in Nursing Science has no type of Speciality, Itinerary or Mention already established.


Prérequis et corequis

The Syllabus may include special conditions required for registration or for studying one or more of its subjects. These conditions are the PREREQUISITES: Subject or group of subjects, called "key" subjects, which must have been studied or passed before.


This link shows the equivalencies between subjects of former syllabi in order to facilitate adaptation of students to the new grade. Application for adaptation of students from the degree mentioned will lead to automatic recognition of all the credits contained in this chart:

Procédure d'adaptation

Students from the current 3-year degree in Nursing may choose among the following options:

  • To finish the studies in the 3-year degree in Nursing, which will progressively disappear, according to the regulation established by the University of Almeria.
  • Adapt to the new official degree called Grade in Nursing Science For this purpose, a charter of required adaptations will be established.
  • The calendar for termination of the above studies will be implemented gradually. Once each year is terminated, there will be four exam sittings in the following two academic years.

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Date: 12 janvier 2012

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