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Pratiques externes

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These are training activities allowing the students to apply the knowledge acquired during academic training, preparing them for professional activity and facilitating their access to employment.

The possibility of introducing external internships in the degrees has reinforced the commitment of the University with the working capacity of the future graduates, thus enriching the students' training in grade studies, in an environment which offers both them and the training personnel a deeper knowledge about the competences they will require in future. (List of Motives RD 1393/2007)

The University of Almeria, considering the importance of these external internships for the professional development of students, has included them in all grade studies, in order to enable all students to undertake them.

External internships are intended to develop in students the competence of knowing the different fields of application of Psychology in different contexts: education, clinic, work and organization, and community, from an applied or research perspective. It takes place in the 4th Year so that students can have enough theoretical training to undertake the supervised internship. There are two modes of Internship: professional and researcher. In both cases, students can choose from the following profiles:

• Health and Clinical Psychology.
• Education Psychology.
• Work and Organizations Psychology.
• Psychology of Social and Community Intervention.
• Research in basic and applied spheres.

Règlement et procédure

The possibility of including external internships is explicitly mentioned in the Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, establishing regulations for Official University Studies.

In this point you will find everrything about regulation and development of the internships. Here you will find, as soon as available, everything about deadlines, assignment procedure, and, if applicable, their regulations.

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