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Objectifs et Compétences

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The training objectives of the Master can be summarized in the following generic and specific goals:

1.- Generic objectives.

  • For students to acquire transversal and specific competences which are clearly higher than those of Chemistry Graduates, so they may:

a) Pursue their academic career successfully performing their Doctoral Thesis; and  

b) Enter the labour market being recognized as highly qualified professionals.

  • Manage that the Doctors trained through this Master have a high level of autonomy, are able to lead R+D projects with intellectual perspective, leadership, common sense, initiative, critical spirit, capacity for risk, efficiency, efficacy, etc. and become ideal candidates to lead R+D units or departments in public or private organizations.

2.- Specific objectives, depending on the itinerary.

  • Analitical Chemistry itinerary. To acquire the necessary advanced knowledge to establish
    protocols and efficient and viable technologies which may enable to analyze and monitor
    organic compounds, materials and nanomaterials.
  • Inorganic Chemistry itinerary. To promote advanced
    knowledge and research in areas of Chemistry of prioritary attention nowadays, such
    as: the study of structural properties and chemical reactivity of solids and the
    so-called "new materials", the study of Coordination Chemistry in the
    context of biological and environment studies, Chemistry of life processes, and
    environment Chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry itinerary. To supplement the training of the
    graduates in Chemistry in several essencial matters, such as Organic Synthesis, both
    in its stereochemical aspects and in the use of organometalic compounds,
    Industrial Organic Chemistry, with special emphasis on the pharmaceutical industry, application of
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to structural determination, Theoretical Organic Chemistry and
    Supramolecular Interactions.
  • Physics-Chemistry itinerary Advanced knowledge of techniques that enable to achieve more information
    about biological macromolecules, and their interactions with other compounds.
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology itinerary. Knowledge and application of techniques for
    the obtention of biological catalyzers (proteins) by recombinant DNA techniques,
    offering students subjects which enable DNA manipulation both in silico and
    in the laboratory. All this focussed on obtaining compounds with a high added value
    in the pharmaceutical and agrifood industries, by enzymatic synthesis.



Les compétences représentent l'ensemble, susceptible d'être identifié et évalué, des connaissances, attitudes, valeurs, aptitudes et habiletés liés les uns aux autres, qui permettent aux étudiants d'exercer des activités professionnelles en conformité avec les exigences et les normes utilisées dans le domaine professionnel concerné.

Tous les Masters de l'Université de Almería envisagent, de façon explicite, deux types de compétences:

  • Les compétences génériques décrites dans le décret royal 1393/2007 du 29 Octobre, instituant l'organisation officielle des études de l'université.
  • Les compétences spécifiques de chaque formation diplômante. Ces compétences sont décrites dans le "mémoire du diplôme" auquel se rapportent. Certaines de ces compétences peuvent avoir été acceptées d'un commun accord au niveau de la région andalouse, ou alors, dans le cas de certains diplômes, être réglementées au niveau de l'Etat.


Competences are the set of interrelated knowledge, attitudes, values, abilities and skills, which can be identified and evaluated, and which enable the student to undertake the professional activity according to requirements and standards used in the appropriate occupational area.

All masters of the University of Almeria explicitly cover two types of competences:

  • Generic Competences included in Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October, establishing regulations for Official University Studies.
  • Specific Competences of the degree. These competences are specified in the degree report, and are related to its own disciplines. Part of these competences may have been agreed at the regional level of Andalusia, or, in some degrees, they may have been decided nationally.


Les compétences générales

  • To acquire and understand knowledge: Students should prove to have acquired and understood knowledge beyond that acquired in the first cycle, which gives them and opportunity to be original in the development or application of ideas, often in the context of research.
  • Application of knowledge: Students should know how to apply the knowledge acquired and their capacity for solving problems in new or nearly new environments within wider (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their area of studies.
  • Capacity of judgement: Students should be able to integrate knowledge and face the complexity of forming judgement from information which, although incomplete or limited, includes thought about the social and ethical responsibilities related to the application of their knowledge and judgement.
  • Capacity to communicate and social ability: Students should be able to communicate their conclusions -and the knowledge and final reasons which sustain them- to specialized and non-specialized public in a clear and unambiguous way.
  • Ability for learning: Students should possess the necessary learning abilities to allow them to continue cstudying in a mostly autonomous and self-directed way.


Compétences spécifiques

Specific competences of the degree are included in the degree report. Follow this link to access them:

Competencias Específicas (196 kb)

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