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Research and Development Contract

Attention: Informations introuvables dans la langue sélectionnée

Contract for Research and Development Project or for Doing Services (it's a bilingual document Spanish-English)

Financial Memorandum

Pattern of contract

Three originals of the contract signed in all the pages are necessary.

The contract can't be transacted if it doesn't come enclosed to the following documents:

- Financial Memorandum.

- Report of the Department.

- Commitment of Researchers (in case there is more than one researcher who participates in the contract).

- Working Plan which is referred to in the second article.

- Documents relating to the accreditation of the signatary.

Research and Development Contract  (145 kB)

22/02/18 0:00

Contract Extension Agreement

Contract Extension Agreement (107 kB)

22/02/18 0:00

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Date: 20 novembre 2013

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