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Distribuzione del piano di studi in crediti ECTS per tipo di materia

Struttura del Corso

Basic/transversal training module 2 (30 ECTS credits), which includes two subject matters:

Basic training in Occupational Risk Prevention (21 ECTS credits) Occupational Risk Prevention Techniques (9 ECTS credits) 

Compulsory specific contents of each specialization. Each one of these three modules/itineraries is comprised of 4 ECTS credits. The three specialities are Industrial Hygiene, Occupational security, and Ergonomics and Psychosociology

External professional internships: Students from the master undertake compulsory external internships in external Institutions and Agencies tutored by professionals and academics. Internships amount to 12 ECTS credits which students spend on preparation and work in the professional sphere of activity.

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Struttura del Master in Occupational Risk Prevention

Ingrandisci grafico

The master has two common modules (basic/transversal training contents) and three modules/itineraries or specialities/profiles (Industrial Hygiene, Occupational security, and Ergonomics and Psychosociology). The master is comprised of 60 ECTS credits. Each ECTS credit is equivalent to 25 student working hours for acquisition of contents, capacities and skills. This assignment includes the hours of classroom attendance (theoretical and practical classes), the study hours, those dedicated to seminars, works or internships, and those required for preparing and sitting evaluation tests.

Corsi specialistici / Percorsi didattici

The degrees have been configured so, once completed, students may obtain a specialization. These specializations can be called by different names, although the most common ones are "Speciality", "Curricular Itinerary" or "Mention".

The “Master in Occupational Risk Prevention” degree has the following Itineararies:

Students must necessarily select one of these itineraries. Check the subjects of each itinerary in the section "subjects ordered by modules" on this same page.

Consulte el cuadro ilustrativo superior de esta misma página para más información.


Prerrequisitos y Correquisitos

The Syllabus may include special conditions required for registration or for studying one or more of its subjects. These conditions are the PREREQUISITES: Subject or group of subjects, called "key" subjects, which must have been studied or passed before.

The "Master in Occupational Risk Prevention" degree has no established prerequisite.

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Data: 13 giugno 2011

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