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Our Service for the purchase and subscription of books, journals and databases.

Journals and databases

The acquisition and cancellation of scientific journals and electronic resources (databases, information portals, journal packages or books, etc.) is centralised at the Library for the whole University.

Acquisition funding:

The library will assume the cost of materials with a special interest, taking into account the following conditions:

- economic availability

- current coverage of the subject area related to the requested resource.

- impact factor in citation rankings.

- costs economic study.

- current collection use study.

- compensation with cancellation of titles falling in interest for research or teaching.

- usage data in the Interlibrary Loan Service.

- availability of an electronic version of the requested publication.


Those resources that are not funded by the Library, based on the above criteria, should be entirely paid by the applicant cost center. 

Request form for acquisition / cancellation of journals and databases (Spanish)


Recommended readings (teachers)

The Library manages the purchase of recommended readings (basic and complementary), requested by teachers for subjects taught at the University of Almería, with a budget allocation for the acquisition of these recommended readings. The available bibliography for each subject can be checked through the Library catalogue.

The update of a subject recommended reading list is performed mainly during the development of the teaching guide, using the Teaching Guides Edition Application and filling in the Bibliography section.

  • Points to consider

1. In the "Type of bibliography" field, a distinction must be made between:

- Basic (That essential to pass the subject) with a maximum of 10 bibliographic references. One copy for every 25 students will be purchased, up to a maximum of 6 copies.

- Complementary (Other recommended materials) with a maximum of 5 bibliographic references. 1 copy of each title will be progressively acquired according to budget availability.

- Other bibliographic materials (readings recommended in the Teaching Guide that are not purchased by the library)

2. Bibliographic data: It must be complete, clear and updated to enable the correct management of your request.

3. To make requests outside the period of development of the teaching guide you should use the following form:


Add / remove recommended readings request form for closed teaching guides (teachers) (Spanish)

Recommended readings that cannot be found (students)

Students at the University of Almería with difficulties to access in the Library the materials in recommended reading lists corresponding to the subjects they are studying can propose the acquisition of them by filling in the form on this page.


- Only recommended material in reading lists may be acquired .

- Library staff can help you in your bibliographic searches through the established channels.


 Request for books not found (students)

Donations to the Library

To donate books to the Library, please complete this form:

Request form for donation of books to the Library (Spanish)

Books donated by institutions or individuals are evaluated by the Library, which reserves the right of admission, depending on their interest and usefulness for our users and for research and teaching at the UAL; we will decide on the location and use according to our policy of general organization of library resources.


Library material acquired under cost centres

  • The bibliographic material must be sent to the Resources Area - Technical Process, along with:
    • printed copy of the electronic invoice (for electronic invoices)
    • or the corresponding original paper invoice, signed by the person in charge of the cost centre (in the case of material exempt from the electronic invoicing procedure), along with a copy of it.
  • Purchase invoices must identify:
    • the bibliographic material acquired
    • the cost centre it is charged to
    • the supplier
  • It must be stated if, once the material is included in the Library catalogue, it will be:
    • borrowed by a user belonging to the cost  centre  responsible  of  the acquisition ("NO COLOCAR"), indicating in this case the name of the user
    • or, alternatively, if the material will be located in the library ("COLOCAR")
  • The library, from the Resources Area - Technical Process, once it is verified:
    • will return the original invoice properly filled out to the corresponding cost centre, certifying the addition of the work to the Library collection, for its processing at the University Economic Management Service.
    • or will process the corresponding electronic invoice.    


Evaluation criteria for bibliographic resources providers

  1. Compatibility with our Library Management System (SIERRA)
  2. Shipping management
  3. Invoicing
  4. Services
  5. Specialisation