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Dotación instrumental del Perfilómetro Mecánico

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Equipo Dektak 150 Surface Profiler with 200mm Wafer Support (Veeco-Brucker). Topographic Surface Characterization within the range 6-100 Å.

• Veeco’s newest stylus profiler system with three configurations to permit the best possible match to the sample size and shape.your research or industry application. The standard Dektak 150 utilizes 100 x 100-millimeter X-Y stage with manual theta.
• Equipped with a 150-millimeter X-Y auto stage that provides 3D mapping, automation and programmability of over 200 sample sites. It also can be configured with a 6-inch square, porous chuck for photovoltaic applications.
• Dektak 150 accommodates samples up to 90 millimeters thick, performs long scans of 55 millimeters, and provides a larger X-Y translation than competing systems. With the scan-stitching package, the system can perform long scans up to 200 millimeters for stress measurements on larger wafers. Other stage features include wafer alignment pins for ease of use, three-point suspension for stress, lateral calibration for 99.9% accuracy, and a larger scan block for improved baseline stability.
• 4-angstrom step-height repeatability using ultra-low-noise electronics. The Dektak 150 provides the flexibility to perform precise step-height measurements for thin films down to 10 angstroms, as well as thick-film measurements up to several hundred microns thick. The Low-Inertia Sensor 3 (LIS 3) head incorporates key technology advances to deliver extremely accurate measurements with unprecedented sensitivity.
• The system’s 1-millimeter standard vertical range coupled with up to 120,000 data points per scan deliver exceptional capability. The result of all these features is exceptional horizontal and vertical resolution, enabling precise planarity scans for measuring radius of curvature, flatness, and waviness, as well as characterizing thin-film stress on wafers.
• The Windows® XP software interface allows the operator to quickly become a Dektak expert. Analysis functions are both comprehensive and intuitive, from simple one-button load-and-go testing to automatic comparisons of analytical results from multiple scans. The Vision® analysis package further extends the usefulness of the data, enabling true 3D mapping, bearing ratio, and over 200 additional analyses. MICROFORM MEASUREMENTS, LOWEST STYLUS FORCE. The new MicroForm™ technology reveals difficult shapes and overcomes steep slopes, improving accuracy to within 0.25°. Similarly, the Low-Force option improves stylus sensitivity to 0.03 milligrams to enable non-destructive characterization of delicate surfaces. Plus, additional analysis capabilities have been added, such as histogram and advanced automation program summary for pass/fail analysis.

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Data: 8 marzo 2011

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