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Diagrama de Ingenieria Agronomica

结构 Grade in Agricultural Engineering (2010 Syllabus)



  • Basic training: 60 credits.
  • Training in common for the Branch: 60 credits.
  • Specific Technology 1: 48 credits.

OPTION A: One Specific Technology:

  • Transversal training: 18 credits.
  • Intensification in Specific Technology 1: 18 credits.
  • External Internships: 12 credits.

OPTION B, TWO - Specific Technology:

  • Specific Technology 2: 48 credits.
  • Optional/Recognition: 6 credits.
  • End of Grade Dissertation: 18 credits.

Students of Agricultural Engineering undertake two Common Academic years (120 ECTS) and then decide whether they want to become specialists (one specific technology) or generalist (two specific technologies). In the first case, they study the speciality of their choice, one transversal module commont to all specialities and one Intensification of their speciality: (84 ECTS). In the second case they studie the subject matters of two specialities of their choice (96 ECTS). To complete their studies, specialists undertake an external internship (12 ECTS). They all undertake an End of Grade Dissertation (18 ECTS) and an obtional subject (6 ECTS).


The degrees have been configured so, once completed, students may obtain a specialization. These specializations can be called by different names, although the most common ones are "Speciality", "Curricular Itinerary" or "Mention.

This section includes information about specializations that may exist in the degree and their requirements.



The Syllabus may include special conditions required for registration or for studying one or more of its subjects. These conditions are the PREREQUISITES: Subject or group of subjects, called "key" which must have been studied or passed before.

The Degree "Grade in Agricultural Engineering", has no prerequisite established.


This link shows the equivalencies between subjects of former syllabi in order to facilitate adaptation of students to the new grade. Application for adaptation of students from the degree mentioned will lead to automatic recognition of all the credits contained in this chart:


Students from the current 3-Year degree in Agricultural Engineering may choose from the following options:

1.) Finish the 3-year degree in Agricultural Engineering, which will progressively disappear, following the calendar in the degree report and the regulation established by the University of Almeria.

2.) Adapt to the new official degree called Grade in Agricultural Engineering. In this case the adaptation chart on this page will apply.

3.) The calendar for termination of the above studies will be implemented gradually. Once each year is terminated, there will be four exam sittings in the following two academic years.

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日期: 12 一月 2012

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